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“NSPR isn’t like the average PR agency. The team takes the trouble to understand journalists’ requirements and provide us with leads and information that are genuinely relevant to our interests. So many PR agencies just bombard journalists with press releases – but not NSPR. They remember what you’ve written about and what you’re likely to write about in future, and they understand the need to build up long-term, personal relationships with the press.”
Kim Thomas, Freelance — FT Digital Business & Computing

“NSPR is one of a small number of PR companies with which the editors at Information Age are willing to work closely. The company has been able to combine industry knowledge with good ideas and a mature and realistic understanding of editorial practices.”
Andy Lawrence, Editorial Director — Information Age

“Having worked with NSPR for several years, I find it a responsive and effective agency, always ready to help. As a freelance journalist, this is especially useful.”
Phil Manchester, Freelance — FT Digital Business

“I have worked with Nick Spencer and his team for at least five years and I consider him to be a true professional and one of the best in the business. NSPR’s team knows their stuff, and equally importantly, makes it his business to understand the requirements of the business and technology press and get to know individual journalists and their publications. He is sharp, helpful and pro-active and I have no hesitation in recommending him.”
Paul Taylor, Correspondent — Financial Times

“NSPR has excellent connections with the leading writers. Too many firms look for big-name agencies and end up paying for a lot of fluff and add-ons. With NSPR you get a direct route into writers covering appropriate beats.”
Martin Veitch, Editor, CIO Magazine

“As former business editor on Personal Computer World and a freelance contributor to numerous other IT titles I deal with all the leading PR agencies, but few can equal the professional approach and accessibility of NSPR – they’re a pleasure to do business with…”
Alan Stevens, Freelance editor and expert content provider

“While the majority of PR companies hide behind a smokescreen of buzzwords, jargon and expensively furnished offices, Nick Spencer does it the hard way. He knows the technology and has years of experience. He then inspires his staff to make understanding of his clients come easily to people like me. Hang on a second though. In effect, he’s working hard behind the scenes to make his job look easy to the casual observer. Surely that’s professional suicide. Still, as long as he’s in business I’ll continue to consult him, because nobody gets the job done as effectively as this lot.”
Nick Booth, Freelance Journalist

“NSPR has consistently delivered first class feature and news based materials on behalf of its client base. The PR work the agency carries out is punctual, not over bearing and well attuned to the needs of our publication. The team takes the time to build the right kind of working relationships that we need to operate and strikes the right balance in terms of day to day contact.”
Adrian Bridgwater, Freelance Journalist

“If only public relations was full of people like Nick Spencer and his team. They pay attention to detail, are responsive and professional and have a genuine interest in what they do. They’re also honest, down-to-earth and personable, virtues that instill trust in journalists and clients alike.”
John Dunn, Editor — TechWorld