LKAB realizes significant scaling improvements in test and development environment with Nutanix’s converged infrastructure solution

SAN JOSE, Calif. – May 16, 2014 – Nutanix, the leading provider of next generation datacenter infrastructure solutions, today announced that Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara Aktiebolag (LKAB), one of Sweden’s oldest industrial companies and biggest mining company, has selected its Virtual Computing Platform to reduce the cost and complexity as well as increase the scalability of its test and development environment.

LKAB, which has been operating since 1890, runs a rigorous test and development division, where enterprise applications such as HR and project management as well as Microsoft Sharepoint and SQL Server databases are put through their paces. However, LKAB was struggling with the cost, complexity and scalability of its previous test and development environment. This meant it was struggling to keep up with the speed at which the rest of LKAB’s business was moving.

LKAB selected Nutanix because of its superior scaling capabilities, which would give it the ability to scale up and down as testing and development requirements dictated. Installation took a matter of days and was carried out with the help of partner Layer 8 IT-Services.

The company now runs about 70 virtual machines on Nutanix’s infrastructure, and plans to eventually run its entire test and development workload, which will consist of 150 VMs, on Nutanix. LKAB can now scale up in minutes as demand dictates, opposed to the weeks it would previously take to provision new system resources. In addition to this, LKAB also want to test and evaluate emerging technologies for virtualization of storage, and Nutanix have a very interesting approach for this.

“The problem we were facing in our previous environment was that we could not scale out on servers, storage and performance the way we needed,” said Christoffer Niemi, IT architect at LKAB. “With Nutanix we see an excellent way of scaling the environment without incurring upfront investment costs in storage performance and capacity, and of course the easy management is another big benefit.”

“When LKAB reached the capacity and performance ceiling of its previous IT environment, further expansion was complex and expensive. They decided to look for alternatives and, with Nutanix, they discovered scalability, simplicity, performance and easy management,” said Johan Tungström, CEO, Layer 8 IT-Services.

“By utilizing Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform, LKAB has achieved a significant increase in its scaling capabilities, giving IT the ability to keep pace with business needs. This means LKAB can cost-effectively and efficiently scale out its test and development infrastructure when it needs to, ensuring that applications are ready to be rolled out across the business in a timely manner,” said Svante Hagblom, Regional Manager, Nordics, Nutanix.


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