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There are certain things that NSPR will never offer – an inexperienced team for instance

We’re simply not very good at playing that great account management game – musical chairs. The team you meet from NSPR at the pitch, is the team who will manage your account, attend PR meetings, and represent your company in front of key publics. Just as well that the team has 60 years of PR experience between them.

And our clients – a real sticking point.

Why do clients remain with NSPR? Simple – they know that long-term strategies and long-term goals are best achieved with long-term partners. And when the partners in question are highly experienced, have a track record of outstanding PR achievement, are known by the IT and PR community, and consistently go that extra mile in order to achieve the desired results, then that’s a relationship worth prolonging.

The longer we work with an organisation, the better we understand its business, its objectives, its products and services, and the better we can communicate them. Critically, we can get to the heart of the company, to the stories that exist within it and the people best placed to share them. This gives us the ability to communicate your story knowledgeably, enthusiastically and with authority. But, importantly, a long-term approach ensures continuity, consistency and a strong client-agency relationship that benefits the client as much as the media.

How many agencies can boast a client retention ratio that is four times the industry average? Including 10 years working with Xerox, five years with D-Link Europe and twelve years with TIBCO software.